Sonance Speakers

Most interior decorators agree that loudspeakers in a home should be heard and not seen. Most people prefer to have their speakers discreetly installed where they cannot be seen. Today, it is possible to create entirely invisible speakers. This quick guide will provide you with some more information on how to have speakers installed invisibly, and which types of speakers work well for this type of project.

Hidden Speakers

One option is to hide the speakers behind something else. Speakers can be hidden behind pieces of art, acoustically transparent wall fabric, or other objects. If you are a newbie in speaker installation, you may want to contact speaker installation professionals to advise you on the best way to hide your speakers.

Camouflaged Speakers

A new option is to disguise the speaker as something else. Smart technology now allows us access to objects that can multitask. For instance, many versions of LED smart lightbulbs also double as blue tooth speakers. These can be installed in one or several rooms of the house and then controlled from a smart device.

In-Wall Speakers

One of the most common ways to achieve invisible speakers is to have them installed as in-wall speakers. In-wall speakers are placed flush against the drywall and are then plastered over. The plaster is then painted, making the speaker 100% part of the wall and the room. You will see no visible grill.

This is a great option if you are committed to the location and use of the speakers and the room. If the room is going to be used for something different in the future, this can pose a problem as in-wall speakers are semi-permanent. They are semi-permanent because you can take them out later if you wish, but it will require some demo in the room and repairs to fix the wall back.

Let’s take a look at some speaker brands that work well as hidden and in-wall speakers.

Sonance IS4 Invisible Speakers

The unique design of the Sonance systems makes them a great option for in-wall installation. These speakers feature a 4-inch square planar diaphragm tweeter. This is driven by a 1-inch voice coil. The speaker also boasts a 17 square-inch mid-range planar. The excellent dispersion created by this speaker spreads out sound in a wider area. This helps to deliver even sound volume levels and sound quality in the space. These speakers have a 2-inch depth which makes them a perfect choice for installation into walls.

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